Our Team.

Tammy Valentine, MBA

I identify strategies to make your business thrive.

Christy Herrera
Director of Client Services

I assure projects and communication are on track.

Gerardo Pereira
Senior Art Director

I utilize design to make your brand look stunning.

Tyler Smith
Senior Advertising Manager

I optimize media buying and spend for maximum impact.

Lisa Petty
Senior Copywriter

I craft compelling messages that resonate with your audience.

Caitlin Bowden
Director of SEO Strategy & Social Media

I boost your online presence with targeted social media and SEO.

Jena Brazil
Social Media Support Specialist

I optimize media buying and spend for maximum impact.

before profit.

Seriously. We’re a team of human beings working diligently to help other human beings thrive. It’s why the work we do works so well. This tenet of our company is the bedrock for an inclusive, supportive and joyful space.

The power of collaboration.

There’s working together, and there’s working toward something greater. We believe there’s real magic that comes from integrated, immersive teamwork not just within our team, but alongside our partners and clients.

We’re more than our work.

Employees aren’t robots. We understand our team members do their best work when they’re supported both professionally and personally, and we strive to foster an environment that respects work-life balance and helps people flourish in all facets of their lives.

Relentless pursuit of improvement.

We are committed to helping our team members grow their skills, learn new ones, and advance their careers through ongoing training and development.

Connections drive our business.

We cultivate authentic, lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to know them well, understanding their unique needs and preferences to create true partnerships that stand the test of time.

We talk
it out.

Open, honest communication is at the core of how we operate. We encourage sharing ideas, addressing challenges, and providing constructive feedback to foster trust and unity within our team and with our clients.

We’re always looking for people who set their sights higher.

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