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The LuckyTamm Story

No, I’m really not that “Lucky” nor trying to be clever by adding another “M” to the title of my brand… There is a story behind it and as part of my digital legacy, it’s important I give a proper explanation.

Here goes…

Meet Tammy, the publicist
One of my first jobs out of college was working via Twitter as a publicist for Erik Qualman. He introduced me to Twitter and we were off to the races. However, there was one major problem. I didn’t have a Twitter following, nor did I want to use my name as my handle (@tammyluksich) because half the time no one could pronounce my last name (at the time), nor spell it. I decided @luckytam was appropriate. Fast forward five months, I was busy promoting several books and YouTube videos. I told complete strangers from across the world about his award-winning book, Socialnomics.

Meet Tammy, the spammer
Unfortunately, when a person does that repeatedly and fails to add personality, personalization, and helpful information (Hence Jay Baer’s Book:Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Hype) the audience will question your motives and report you for spam. You would have thought I would have been a little bit more thoughtful with my tweets, but I cut corners. It was evident from my stream I simply wanted people to purchase the book. I didn’t show empathy or kindness for them as individuals and if I did, I did a horrible job of showing it. Thus, Twitter locked my account. Too many people reported me for spam that I could no longer access my account.

New Twitter handle, new mission
After serveral discussions with Twitter support, I decided to create a new page, a new following, and a new mission. This time, I would incorporate a person-to-person (P2P) approach and show empathy towards others I was engaging with.

[Enter @luckytamm]
Since it was still a creative handle and my name is spelled with two m’s it made sense. Next, I made sure to focus my efforts on building relationships, not just selling a book or video. DUH! I also changed my approach with how I talked to people. From this, I learned that being personable and providing genuine information always goes a long way in business (and in life).

Finally, I learned that adding your personality to your brand is another major key to success. People want to engage with real people, not just salespeople. That’s why I created this brand. I believe in the importance of being transparent, honest, and innovative through my work and thoughtful solutions. The LuckyTamm Digital Marketing (LTDM) team operates under these same beliefs and core values.

We love helping business owners take their content marketing strategy to the next level. Whether it’s a whitepaper or writing e-newsletter copywriting, we’re your team.

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