Q&A with LuckyTamm Digital Marketing 

What is the story behind the name?

Tammy Valentine, founder and president of LuckyTamm Digital Marketing, shared the history behind the agency’s name. “The name was born from a Twitter handle,” she said. 

Before starting the digital marketing agency, Tammy worked for an author with a unique Twitter username. He suggested that she should also have something easy to remember and identifiable. Using part of her maiden name and part of her first name, LuckyTamm was born. Since 2013, LuckyTamm Digital Marketing (LTDM) has been delivering digital marketing services to clients across the United States.

Did you know one of Tammy’s favorite affirmations is “be a buffalo?” 

“Because the buffalo is the one animal that actually runs into the storm to conserve energy, and so that’s the same way I approach problems. Just go head on and rip off the band-aids, because if you run from them or you run from the storm, it’s 400 times more exhausting, and it’s less effective.”

What is a favorite part of the job?

Christy Herrera, Director of Client Services at LTDM can speak for the entire team when she says assisting clients with what they want to achieve is the best part of working at LTDM. 

“It’s exciting to support our clients and be part of their business growth,” Christy said. “Developing relationships with our clients is one of the many reasons we enjoy what we do. Some of our clients are new and just getting started. Other clients are multigenerational, which gives LTDM a lot of history to work with. The process of collaborating on ideas and helping to deliver on their mission through marketing created connections is very rewarding.” 

We asked Christy what her dream country is to visit. 

“I’m a world traveler at heart. If I could be a gypsy and just travel the world, I would. Australia is on my bucket list, and that’s because my husband has family there. I would love to take my kids to visit.”

What services do you provide?

Gerardo Pereira, our Senior Creative, addressed this question.

“We provide a variety of services to many different types of clients such in education, technology, and engineering companies,” Gerardo said. “Each one has different needs. We offer integrated marketing strategies including brand design and development, web design, and social media marketing.”

Fun fact, Gerardo has over 13 years of experience in the world of advertising and design — and even more playing guitar. When asked who he would enjoy having coffee with, he said Eddie Vedder.

What is one service clients ask for the most?

LTDM uses an integrated marketing strategy to support clients. Combining an organization’s assets with strong communication tactics ensures brand awareness. One way to accomplish this is by having a good social media strategy. Caitlin McGlaun, Social Media Manager, oversees all social media campaigns for each client.

“The social media component for each client comprises several platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. “Each month a schedule of posts and content is created for each account and shared posts are shared nearly every day of the month.” 

A campaign that is thoughtfully planned and well-executed drives brand engagement, traffic to your website, audience leads, and increased credibility.

Calendar creation and creativity are second nature to Caitlin. Her experience in custom home building and design coordinating with contractors, architects, and builders required organization and innovation. Described in a hashtag, Caitin is #creative!

The LuckyTamm Digital Marketing team is ready to help you on your brand journey. We are a devoted, diverse team of creatives ready to partner with you. Contact us today! We would love to discuss buffalo, guitars, Australia, and your favorite hashtags!