Adapting To The New Facebook Algorithm: What You Need To Know

Pixabay Creative Commons

In this ever-changing world, it’s no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg wants to continue to keep the Facebook platform relevant. Last month, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its algorithm to promote personal content centered around friends and family, rather than news. So what does this mean for business? Not so good – but social influencers stock will skyrocket. Brands get their reputation through digital media these days and need to be prepared to adapt to Zuckerberg’s new changes.

How Can You Make Sure Your Brand Stays Relevant?

Unfortunately, due to the new algorithm if you don’t adjust your social media strategy the organic reach of your brand will not be noticed. The point of the new algorithm is to start a new conversation among friends and family. To make sure your brand is being seen on Facebook you will need to be talked about and have followers engage in conversations about your brand. Influencers can have a significant impact on this, and it’s strongly encouraged to research and connect with top influencers when deciding who you want to be talking about your brand. The trick here is ENGAGE; stale, canned content will de-prioritize and not reach new markets. Collaborating with influencers can enhance your brand voice and reach among your audience.

Facebook Groups

A popular trend with the new algorithm is Facebook Groups. More than a billion people use Groups and because they run off of audience engagement, this marketing tactic will likely work well for your brand. Facebook posts will no longer run off “engagement bait” (i.e., asking people to like or comment) this content will be demoted. Businesses should now start looking into ways to engage customers with Groups in addition to their page and advertising efforts. Facebook Groups generate conversations among your audience and create a more personal and private way to share opinions, thoughts, and ideas.


Chatbots are used through Facebook Messenger and they are a simple way for customers to get answers to common customer service inquiries. Once you have your bot built and installed through messenger users can automatically interact with the bot. Bots are a great way to engage with current and prospective customers. Luckily bots have evolved that many users may not even realize they aren’t talking to an actual person.

Tips To Succeed With The New Algorithm:

  • Focus on more meaningful content.
  • Partner with an influencer by sponsoring their posts and increase spending on ads that contain influencer-generated content.
  • DO NOT publish “engagement bait”
  • Re-visit your community and create content that ignites meaningful discussions.
  • Use live video
  • Invest your ideas into growing areas like messaging and chatbots.
  • Create Facebook Groups

The new algorithm is a positive thing for users, but not for brands. Make sure to do your research and keep in mind that meaningful content will have more impact than frequent content. The days of posting often are over. Think of creative ways to engage your followers and what’s important to them, what will get them talking. If you fail to keep up and adapt to these changes, the impact could negatively affect your brand reputation, voice, and business acquisition. Quality > quantity when it comes to content, every time.