3 Quick Digital Fixes to Improve Your Website’s CX


If you haven’t heard, customer experience (CX) is the driving force behind our current economy. While face-to-face interaction is still extremely important, your digital brand is usually the entry point for customers to get to know you, and your website is probably the flagship in that digital fleet.

Here are three fixes you should consider to improve your brand’s digital CX:

Make it Mobile Friendly

According to GSMA data, five billion people worldwide have a mobile phone, and nearly 60 percent of search queries are done on a mobile phone. That means there’s a good chance that your possible customer’s first view of your brand is going to happen on their smartphone. If your site looks bad on mobile or is difficult to navigate, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Luckily, there are ways to fix your site’s mobile friendliness. You can start by taking a test on Google to see how mobile-friendly your site is. Of course, you can also just look at your site on your own smartphone and see what pain points you come across. Some basic points to start with:

  • Make sure you’re using a responsive theme
  • Don’t use Flash
  • Use up-to-date ecommerce platforms

Fix Your Site-Load Time

Slow loading sites cost you business, period. This is particularly important for your mobile site, where more than half of customers will abandon your site if it doesn’t load quickly enough. Speed is also a part of how Google ranks your site for its search engine, which is a huge part of getting customers to your site in the first place. And finally, research has shown that faster websites see conversion rates almost three times higher than slower ones.

There are many ways to speed up your site loading time:

  • Use a managed hosting partner who can give you dedicated servers or a content delivery network (CDN) that will help with caching
  • Compress your images so that the server isn’t taking forever to load them
  • Post videos on YouTube and embed them on your site for the same reason you should use compressed images
  • Use link redirects very sparingly

These are easy to do yourself even if you’re not a particularly tech-y person. There are other ways to reduce site load time that may require you to hire a developer, such as removing render-blocking CSS and Javascript code or using an external style sheet.

Update Your Content’s SEO

As you’ve probably figured out, Google ranks your site based on several factors, including the aforementioned mobile-friendliness and speed. There are other factors in your content itself that Google looks for, including:

  • Technical SEO – what people usually think of when they consider SEO: keywords, headers, and meta descriptions are all included.
  • Links – inbound links from good websites show you’re authoritative; outbound links show you know who else is authoritative; and links to your own content tie pages together.
  • Real business information – your name, address, and phone number are up to date.
  • Business listings – you’re alive on Google My Business and Facebook so people can find you.
  • Social sharing – how often your content is shared on social media can help Google determine how popular you are.

All of these make your site better for customers in a number of ways, including making your site easier to find, easier to read, and easier to interact with. This means you’ll have higher engagement and conversion rankings, which makes you even more popular with Google.

One easy way hit a lot of these SEO marks is to include a regularly-updated blog on your website, where you can share insights, link out to other authoritative sites, and create shareable content that people can engage with.

Of course, content takes time, and many subject matter experts are too busy actually working to sit down and write a blog every week, or even every month. That’s one reason digital marketing content is one of our main service offerings at LuckyTamm Digital Marketing — we fill in the gaps in your digital content sphere for you so you can focus on your business.

To find out more about the kind of services we offer, get in touch!